If you’re looking for the best free fonts on the internet then We have rounded teh Best 9 stunning fonts to make your designs stand out in October.  


We asked our designers to put together the ultimate guide of the best free fonts for you to use, including the steps for adding them to your designs too.


They delivered. Now you have a massive selection of the best free fonts we could find for you – for every project and purpose.  We’ve included them all below, including a quick overview of each font and what it’s perfect for.


Most of these fonts are free for you to use for personal or commercial use, but we must state that it is important you check each font’s website for the licence terms – terms may change, and it’s always best to check the source.


Also, a gentle reminder about the term “royalty free”.  The word “free” in royaltyfree refers to the fact that you can freely use the image without paying additional royalties, and doesn’t guarantee that there is no cost for a licence.  It’s always best to check.  We also recommend you keep a copy of the licencing terms or take a screenshot.




Got it? Ok, let’s take a look at the Best Free Fonts:


  1. Robb


Robb Free Script Font by Typotopia


What’s to love?  Robb handcrafted script font from Typotopia.  It’s perfect for more than just exquisite wedding invitations. One of the signatures of this font is the extra large, flowing capitals.  Find it here.


2. Sansa



What’s to love? This gorgeous font has an elegant, calligraphic feel about it.  Think “hand-lettered with love”. If you want the personal touch, use Mindfully. Created by Typotopia. Find it here.


3. Arya



What’s to Love?  This gorgeous flowing script stands out from other lettering fonts and is guaranteed to give your projects a custom look.  Created by TypotopiaFind it here.


4. Brandon



What’s to Love? Natural brush marks to die for, Atmosphere is a font that  is perfect for your branding projects, social media posts and blog headers.  Created by Typotopia who describes it as smooth, powerful, natural, original, coffee-scented and loving…  Find it here.


5. Rickon



What’s to Love?  This pretty calligraphic font is perfect for weddings, signatures, blog headers and more. Created by Typotopia. Find it here.






We have to say a HUGE thank you to the creators of the fonts in this post.  Creating a font is not an easy task. You can’t just throw up a few lines and curves to create 26 letters.


It involves dozens of characters, variations, capitals, lower case … then italics, bold and more. With a hefty dose of patience and attention to detail thrown in!   So we are hugely grateful to the designers that provide these best free fonts for us to use.




Again, while we have aimed to only include the best free fonts that are free for personal and commercial use, you still need to check the font licences of each individual font for personal and commercial use.


All font licence information is listed on the font websites.  Only upload fonts into Easil that you have full permission to use. “Free” doesn’t necessarily mean “Royalty Free” in terms of where you can use it. It just means that you don’t have to pay for the font.